The Fountain City Art Guild

The Fountain City Art Guild is a group of around 50 local artists who work in a variety of media,  including oils, watercolors, woodworking, and more.

Guild membership is a juried process occurring in late fall and early spring. In addition to monthly meetings, the Guild also hosts exhibitions at local venues. 

The purpose of the Fountain City Art Guild is to encourage public interest in and enjoyment of art. Our artists are always pursuing new opportunities to learn and grow as artists. We encourage higher artistic standards in quality and workmanship, the exchange of ideas and new techniques, and strive to provide an atmosphere that encourages and inspires creativity

The Fountain City Art Guild began in 1979 as a group of women who met in the “Art Cellar” ; the basement of Chloe Harrington’s home. Most of the Guild members were watercolor artists. For several decades, they were known as the Fountain City Watercolor Guild, and they met in various churches and homes in the community, holding exhibitions in local businesses.

In 2000, the Guild voted to allow other 2-D media in their exhibits, and in 2015 members voted to allow nonfunctional 3-D work as well.

In 2004, the Guild was instrumental in helping open the Fountain City Art Center at 213 Hotel Avenue, the location of the old Fountain City Library.  


Stan Kelly

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